Thursday, July 21, 2011

Interesting Facts About Lovebirds...

Just like its name lovebirds are so easy to love. They are cheerful, active, beautiful with bright colors, and easy to care for.  Sounds like a perfect pet bird if you ask me.  Here below are some interesting facts about lovebirds: Lovebirds come from a dry region in Africa. That’s why they are perfect as a pets, because they have a high level of resistance making them easy to care for.

Lovebirds are very loyal to their mate and their family. In the wild they live in flocks--families. If you can create a bond with these birds when they are young, they will become your friend for life! Their ability to learn tricks, as well as show affection, can far surpass some other small parrots. There are 9 species of lovebirds. All of them come from Africa except one--the Grey-Headed lovebird, which comes from Madagascar.

They are a highly social birds. It is a necessity for them to socialize, so it’s best to keep them in pairs. If you keep them singly, you must spend more time to provide them social interaction that they don’t get from another bird.

Taming a young lovebird is a lot easier than adult lovebirds.  A young lovebird can learn new tricks so quickly. But if you already have an adult lovebird and want to get an idea of how to tame your bird, checkout this video.  It’s not as hard as it sounds actually Taming a Lovebird Breeder.

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