Sunday, October 23, 2011

Top 10 reasons why users unfollow you on twitter

We asked our 200,000 friends on twitter who are all users of JustUnfollow as to why they would unfollow someone and these are the top 10 reasons we got.

1. Not following them back
Most users want to be followed back. Unless may be if you are a celebrity or a news agency.
2. They don't tweet at all
If you are inactive on twitter you will most likely be unfollowed eventually. Companies and brands should make it a point to tweet regularly to thier users.
3. Uninteresting tweets
If you do not tweet the latest movie trailers or the latest news or some funny quotes be prepared to be unfollowed.
4. Too much tweets
Users who tweet in bursts end up clogging the timeline of their followers. This is one of the main reasons why you can get unfollowed on twitter.
5. Spam links
You won a million dollars by visiting a link? Or you became a Mafia somewhere? You better not tell it to your followers else they are sure to unfollow you.
6. Only RTing all the time
Many people do this in order to stay "active" on twitter. Just RT tweets at random. But unless you do not tweet your own original stuff your followers will realize sooner or later that you are an RT freak and unfollow you.
7. Difference of Opinion. I like Obama and you don't. I will unfollow you
Many users want people they follow to conform to their line of thought. Conflicting interests would mean you would get unfollowed.
8. Entering and tweeting about competitions and asking followers to join
Yeah, it's cool to receive a free iPad but not cool to see those tweets on the timeline. Most people take these competitions to be spam and scams.
9. Talking about sex all the time
Talk about Sex all day or tweet hate messages and people will unfollow you.
10. Welcome DM on following
This sucks big time. We receive 100s of DMs. A "thank you for following me" DM is not welcome anywhere.
We received a lot of replies to this question. It's a good thing we have Buffr to help us easily reply to all these queries. Buffr is a work in progress and I'm pretty impressed with how handy it has been in helping us interact with all our followers.

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