Monday, August 01, 2011

15 Things Everyone Needs You To Do

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Dare to reach out your hand into the darkness,
to pull another hand into the light.
-Norman B. Rice
A silhouette of a human being stands before you.
Perhaps a friend.  Perhaps a lover.  Perhaps a perfect stranger.
They need you to connect with them.  They need you to share this moment.
They need you to…
  • Notice without critiquing.
  • Appreciate without comparing.
  • Listen without interruption.
  • Question without objection.
  • Challenge without mocking.
  • Consider without doubting.
  • Discuss without criticizing.
  • Smile without hesitation.
  • Give without expectation.
  • Comfort without lying.
  • Guide without misleading.
  • Forgive without resentment.
  • Rest without judgment.
They need you to be you – just the way you are.
And they need you to respect them – just the way you are.

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