Thursday, June 30, 2011

NEVER underestimate the power of a parrot...

Izzie, my Cockatoo

Never underestimate the power of parrots. Why? Well, just listen to these stories and see for yourself. 

Frank Ficker, a 50 year old German, was kicked out of his house by Petra, his wife, just because Hugo, their parrot, 
talked too much.
Petra said Hugo always liked to mimic Frank.  He used to imitate whatever Frank said and with a perfect voice. One day 
she heard Hugo imitating Frank’s voice talking to another woman on the phone and keeps repeating the word “Uta”.  
Curious, she turned the house upside down and SURPRISE…she found 2 plane tickets to Paris by the name of Frank and 
a woman named Uta.  That very day, she kicked Frank out of the house.

Or how about this true story.

Wanda called a repairman to fix her broken dishwasher. “I’ll leave the key under the mat.  Just put the bill on the 
counter and I’ll send you the check. Oh, and don’t worry about my dog spike, he won’t do you any harm, but I’m 
warning now, DO NOT, under any circumstances, I repeat DO NOT EVER TALK TO THE PARROT."
The repairman came to the house, unlocked the door and found the biggest, meanest, most vicious looking bulldog he 
has ever seen in his life.  But, just as Wanda said, the dog just lay lazily on the floor and didn't cause any problems.  
So he started to work on the dishwasher.
The parrot on the other hand, never stopped talking.  While he was working, the parrot kept swearing at him, calling 
him names, and being just plain rude.  After a while the repairman just couldn’t hold back his anger any longer.  He 
approached the parrot angrily and yelled “SHUT UP you stupid, trash mouth ugly bird!”  So, the parrot replied with 
three words “Get him Spike!”
I think you can guess what happens next.  

NEVER underestimate the power of a parrot.

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