Saturday, April 09, 2011

Phoenix Coyotes/Manitoba Moose Attendance FACTS...

OK.... “Winnipeg Hockey Fans...” I am just tired of listening to people run their mouths on something they really should know about...FACTS...So you don’t look like an ass when you do open your mouths, I’ve done you all a favor and looked the stats up for you! So, when you decided to bitch and complain, here ya go:
AS of Saturday: April 9 at 6:13pm Arizona Time
Phoenix Coyotes (NHL Team):
2010-2011 Season Arena Capacity: 17,799 seats*
Total attendance to date – 454,679*
Average attendance per game this season –

Ticket Costs(USD)**: 

*AZ Vibe

Manitoba Moose (AHL Team):
2010-2011 Season:

MTS Centre Capacity: 15,015 seats***

Total attendance to date – 323,241****
Average attendance per game this season – 
Ticket Costs(CAND)*****: 

Section42 Game Season Ticket29 Game Mini-Pack20 Game Mini-Pack11 Game mini-PackPackage Price/GameWalk-Up Price/GameKids 12 & Under Price/Game*
CLUB **$1744n/an/an/a$32$43.25N/A
GOLD PLUS**$1544n/an/an/a$32N/AN/A

***MTS Centre.CA
**** Stats

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