Friday, March 18, 2011

This should be on my 'Favorites/Best Product Ever Used' list!

Effaclar-Duo Corrective And Unclogging Anti-imperfection Care ($35.00 msrp) Severe imperfections, sebum-blocked pores: one care, dual performance.

I went to my Dermatologist yesterday, for my biggest issue, my skin. She gave me a sample of this new product to try, Effaclar-Duo, along with a $5 off coupon, because one of their reps gave her a bunch of samples and coupons to give out to patients...There is an entire line; for more information, Click Here

When I got home I put it on my face, this is a miracle product and I AM NOT being paid to say so! My face is so much smoother. The website says it's for teens, BUT I am not a teenager, I am 32! So anyone can use it, and it doesn't burn or peel, I have really sensitive skin, I breakout if you look at me wrong! 8( lol!!! 

My Dermatologist said you can buy it over the counter, so I looked up where to buy it: 

Other online stores, as well. I went into Walgreens last night, they don't have it! 8( Not sure about Wal-Mart.

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