Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Preserving Family History...

My G-Ma, Roz, My Dad & Mom on their Wedding Day: October 9, 1977, My G-Ma & G-Pa Miller
As many of you know, I love to scrapbook, I love family history and I love OLD photographs and memorabilia from my family's history. Here are some great websites worth checking out to start on your own family history and preserve it for years to come

http://www.ourvoicesintime.com/ - Here you can record your family's story's and history and burn it to a CD so you have it forever.

http://www.proust.com/ - Answer questions to help you share your story; also, you may choose to keep it private for your loved ones or make your story public; finally, send questions to family & friends and learn things you never knew ... Just one question can bring you closer.

http://Ancestry.com - One of my favorite sites. My family tree is on this site, and yes, it's still a huge work in progress...but it's really cool to look at, search and see what you come up with! Tons of Official Documents from around the World!

My Family Tree can be viewed: Here

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