Thursday, March 31, 2011

Five Question Friday...

It's that time again.....I'm doing this's Friday somewhere in this World! ;)
1. Have you ever had surgery?

I have had my tonsils taken out at 19 years old, after my Freshman year in College, SO not fun, had to go back to work at the beach too....With no voice! I also had Kidney Stone Surgery and 4 Lithotripsy's - all in Arizona....Blah!

2. Ever ride in an ambulance?

Yes, was in a car accident in Tucson on NYE one year, and they put me on a backboard/and neck constraint for 5 hrs in the ER 8( But before that, I have been in Ambulances while growing up at School Functions....

3. How are you in a medical emergency? Panicked? Calm?

Depends on who/what/when/where/how the medical emergency pertains to...I freak out if someone is hurling or bleeding uncontrollably, but since my Mom had so many emergencies, I OK with certain issues....Hospitals/ER's - I used to be OK with, not so much anymore, they freak me out!

4. Do you have a garden? Flowers or veggies?

I do, both in the front yard, as well as the back veggies outside, too hot here in Southern Arizona... I have Rose Bushes, a Palm Tree, Elephant Ears, Petunia's, and other flowering bushes in the front, and in the back there 2 Weeping Acacia's, a Crepe Myrtle Tree, several flowering bushes, a couple Rose Bushes, a Palm Tree, Starlight Jasmine Vine, Honeysuckle Bush, Petunia's, Kangaroo Paw...I think that's it.

5. When did you move out of your parents house?

I moved out when I was 18, went to Johnson & Wales University, moved into the Penthouses in Renaissance Hall, 101 Cedar Street, in Providence, RI...That was so fun! I miss it! #905 baby! ;)

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