Saturday, March 12, 2011

About Me....

Hey everyone!

I like to refer to my life as a train. I have been on this train for over 32 years. First stop: Central Suffolk Hospital. June 30th was when it all started. I can remember it just like it was yesterday. Twins. I have to smile when I think about the countless birthday parties shared with my twin brother, Ric and unexpected visits when we gathered at the house in Hampton Bays, NY, where we grew up. We laughed and reminisced about what we call “back in the day."

Choo Choo is the sound I hear. Next stop: Hampton Bays, NY, the train operator says. I wonder what he means, but then I say I'll see. I arrive at this school full of children and it was the first day of school. I made friends and I keep them forever no matter what.

After the day of school I got on the train. I end up falling asleep for a while and awaken to high school graduation. I can barely remember those years that passed. Time flies when you're on a train like this one. Soon as I know it, I am leaving and getting ready for college next year, at Johnson & Wales, in Providence, RI. Scary. Classes. New Experiences. Exhilarating. Exciting.

Choo Choo. Next stop, Goals To Achieve. I am in my room envisioning my life. I want to become a the person I always wanted to be, travel the world, and have a career that lasts forever. Back on the train to New York I go. Work. School. Town of Southampton. Four years pass. Graphic Design. Art is in my blood and soul.

I'm on that train again and I hear next stop, Losing Family and Moving On. I'm at my home, this time in Tucson, AZ and this time I hear my mom is very sick. I felt speechless that day we lost her. That night I prayed for everyone of my family members that passed away. My Mom was my best friend and she would want me to hop back on that train and continue the ride.

Finally, I moved into the final days of school hoping the next stop will be amazing and looking for a new job. be continued.....

I look forward to interacting with all of you! <3 Erica

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